Planning Your Office Move with Ease

office-moveIt’s very easy to get overwhelmed when it comes to moving from one commercial premises to another.   It is also very different from a home move, and requires specialist knowledge to ensure your expensive equipment, important documents and files arrive safely at your new location.

Easy Move Removals in Swansea have direct experience in helping businesses to relocate as smoothly and easily as possible.  Here are some guidelines from Wayne Florance owner of Easy Move Removals.

Manageable Tasks

The key is to break down the move into individual tasks so they can be achieved in manageable chunks.  The first step is to plan in as far advance as possible.  You need to look at the reasons why you are moving and ensure the new building is fit for purpose.  To this end you should create a mock layout of your ideal set up including space for growth.

It’s always best to use the services of a specialist commercial removal company, like Easy Moves, as trying to manage the process yourself can result in many frustrations by all involved, including disgruntled employees who don’t believe that office removals are part of their job description.

A specialist business removals company will have the knowledge, expertise and resources to help you plan, coordinate and organise your relocation, allowing you to get on with your day to day operations with minimal disruption.

Set a Budget

You also need to set a budget at an early date. Although your budget may change depending on where you are moving to and what new equipment you have to buy, having an idea of what you want to spend before you do anything else will help you keep costs down. Once you’ve decided to move, determine your budget for the move itself as well as your new premises, furniture and fit out.

You also need to decide if you’re going to bring your current furniture with you to your new office location, or if you need to invest in new equipment. Sometimes it can be more expensive to move your existing furniture and equipment to your new premises than it is for purchasing new kit.  However, the downside to buying new furniture means you will have to dispose of the old stuff.

Files and Storage

Relocating is a great opportunity to assess what items you really need in your new commercial premises.

Many companies will find that they’re able to reduce the amount of files maintained in their offices for example by destroying out-of-date documents and securely shredding confidential information which is no longer needed.

Alternatively, you can look at storing documents in an offsite archive storage facility.

Telecommunications and IT Equipment

Your telecommunications and other IT equipment need special care and attention.  You should speak to your IT provider to disconnect your systems and one end and then reconnect them at the other.   This equipment will also need extra care and attention when being moved to avoid breakages that could have a huge impact on your day to day business activities.  These items needs to packed with suitable wrapping materials and carried in robust boxes for ultimate safety.

Communication is key and that includes with your suppliers, employees and customers.  By keeping all relevant stakeholders informed, you will avoid any problems or anxiety that the business will be changing or not functioning at the same level as before.

Change of Address

Don’t forget to notify customers and suppliers of your change of address and other contact details so they can get hold of you readily before, during and after the move.

A well planned office move will ensure minimal downtime for your business and keep both your employees and your customers happy.  For details of how Easy Move Removals can help you make that commercial relocation as efficient as possible, call today for a free quote on the number below:



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