How to Protect Your Possessions When Moving Home

Moving Home packaging In order to protect your possessions when moving home, the starting point is to make a list of all your furniture and valuables so if any items are packed away by mistake, then you will know that they are there somewhere!

It doesn’t have to be a written inventory, it could be a photographic record of your smaller, valuables items in particular, preferably next to the box which they are being packed into.

The next step is to find a reputable removal company, like Easy Move Removals, who have genuine experience when it comes to moving home.  Don’t be taken in by the cheap and cheerful!  Check that the company is registered, insured and that there are at least some reviews on their website.

Don’t forget, you are entrusting the entire contents of your home to this company so you need to be able to have the utmost confidence in their ability to ensure the process is as smooth as possible with no breakages.

Moving Home with Large and Small Items

Some people try to move home themselves, hiring a van and shifting all the furniture with the help of family and friends.  This is usually OK for smaller pieces, when it comes to larger items of furniture such as sofas, dining tables, wardrobes and white goods, it’s a completely different matter.

All of these items require strong, safe hands and there are techniques that specialist removal companies use to ensure the furniture is not damaged or broken.  They will also ensure that walls and doorways are not scratched by these large furniture items.

Jewellery, important paperwork and other smaller items are a lot safer if they travel with you, safely stored in your own vehicle.  You will be able to locate them easily and there is less risk of them going missing.

Wrapping and Storage

Glassware, dishes, photo frames and lamp stands are the most likely items that can break during your house move.   The ideal way to protect these items is to wrap them individually in a couple of sheets of newspaper and then stack them securely together.  Don’t leave these items loose or unprotected, rattling about in boxes as not only are they likely to get damaged but you could also cause injury if any shards of glass start to poke out of boxes for example.

It’s also sensible to invest in strong, sturdy boxes if you are planning to pack your valuables yourself.  Professional removal companies can provide the right type of moving boxes and suitable packaging materials.

There are also specific boxes developed for moving items from place to place such as boxes with padded insides to protect your TV from any damage as well as wardrobe boxes for your clothes.

Don’t be tempted to use second hand boxes from your local shop or supermarket as these will not be as robust or sturdy as those provided by specialist companies.

It’s also best not to overload your boxes; keep them light as this eliminates the risk of them being dropped and damaging the goods inside; plus you won’t end up with back strain.

A good tip is to half fill a box with breakables like dishes and glass ware and then add a layer of bedding or towels which are light to carry but will also protect your belongings.

Invest in Insurance

It’s always best to check that the removal company has in place insurance to cover any damage or breakages whilst in transit; but it’s also worth taking out your own insurance too.  Check with your current contents insurance provider, as they may cover this insurance at a small extra cost.

Here we have highlighted certain things you can do to protect yourself against any potential damages during your move.

However, our best piece of advice is to hire a professional and trustworthy removals company like Easy Move Removals in Swansea.

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